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The vast majority of lawsuits settle, though typically only after sustained litigation. But Mediation can offer multi-faceted solutions that courts are unable to fashion, lessening the possibility of complete loss and ensuing bitterness. Sometimes it can forge a new relationship between the parties. It uses the parties’ knowledge of their situation to craft low-cost, efficient, and meaningful resolutions.

Whether you are dealing with a divorce, a commercial dispute, an employment issue, or a personal injury matter, the benefits of mediation are powerful and undeniable. They are:

  • Far less expensive – Typically parties split the costs of a single mediator, and resolve disputes far quicker—and without ongoing motions, discovery, hearings, or other costly legal proceedings.
  • Faster –  Often a resolution can be reached within days or weeks—not years.
  • Direct – Parties interact with each other throughout the process, sometimes with attorneys, sometimes without. Together, you’ll design a workable solution—even if you can’t imagine what that looks like right now.
  • More flexible –  Parties control the outcome, not the court. As a result, both sides have the opportunity to truly win. Creative solutions can be crafted that courts lack the time or power to create.

The mediation process is completely confidential. Statements made during the mediation are inadmissible and what the mediator is told cannot be revealed at trial. This permits an exchange of information that is safe and productive.

Read about our specific mediation services: Divorce/Family, Commercial, Employment, Personal Injury.

{This is considered Attorney Advertising by some Bar Associations. Prior results do not imply future similar results. Communication does not imply Attorney-Client relationship.}

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An honors graduate of Harvard University and the Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University, where he also served on the Law Review, Gary brings more than 30 years of litigation and negotiation experience to his practice as a mediator. He has successfully negotiated and mediated resolutions in family matters, employment cases, commercial disputes, personal injury cases, and major civil rights matters.

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